“Art is a reflection of the spirit, the soul, and the personality’s joy and sorrow. It grows from one’s personal experiences, attitudes, and aesthetics. In Tehran, Iran, where my love of art was nurtured during summer classes under the tutelage of a classical painter, I developed the concepts in my early drawings that were transformed to spiritual themes within paintings.

In my adult life, fate and destiny brought me to the United States where I draw from a rich Persian heritage that has shaped my artistic growth. I Share with you the rites of the sacred feminine, inner child, and the soul’s purpose, my brush with fluid contours, caligraphy, and vivid colors prepare a journey for you.

What I have learned and wish to share with you, is that a master is one who uses the talents of the personality to achieve the soul’s purpose while shedding light for others to embrace such a path in life. In reverence to such masters who through the perfection of their art and philosophy have shaped my life with that of life’s mysteries, I reflect on the ideas of Zoroaster, Van Gogh, Rumi, Hafez, O’keefe, and Franz Marc.”

Anais Nin once said, “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”

“This struck me profoundly as a way to live life and paint.” – mehry